Our Mission

Like a Beautiful Violin.....

The human body has a sound.
When this sound goes out of resonance, we can help.
No one is "broken, no one is "damaged.
A treasured violin is not thrown away or discarded,
One string is tightened,
Another is set loose,
Harmony is restored.

At BodyTune Studio,

We provide Sound and Body Therapy combining a variety of modalities, both ancient and modern.
Deep relaxation can lead to a reunion with one's body, allowing the release of emotional and creative blocks.
Vibration, sound, voice and music, along with the somatic experience of hands-on bodywork, combine to release deeper tension and the unresolved stress of daily life.
We perform as a team here at BodyTune, and your well being is addressed with compassion, confidentiality and a complete holistic approach. Your care is seen as multidimensional and uniquely personal.
All that we offer is available to all of our clients.

We encourage exploration.